Posting Schedule

Hello Naturalistas!

It is I, ChaNita Bei! Here is my new schedule. I will be getting this blog back on track and doing all of the below-mentioned things. I had to take some time away as I have 2 other blogs and have been putting more time and attention into one of them.

This blog was originally intended as a way for me to keep track of my hair journey, but I later realized that other transitioners and natural-haired women could possibly learn form my joys and crys just the same.

Stay tuned! I hope to turn this blog into a go-to for all of you Naturalistas!

  • Monday (general articles/posts)
  • Tuesday (events, YT videos, DIY recipes, hair porn, etc)
  • Wednesday (research)
  • Thursday (events, YT videos, DIY recipes, hair porn, etc)
  • Friday (general articles/posts, product reviews (when applicable))
  • Saturday (Memes)